What makes iMedia Online Retail Summit the leading E-Commerce conference in the Australia? Our delegates. Read below to hear their experiences of iMedia Online Retail Summit:


“The most focused enterprise online retail event in Australia.”

Justus Wilde, Strategy, Director Amblique


“The iMedia Online Retail Summit brings together the sharpest minds, from the most progressive organisations to shape the future of eCommerce in Australia.”

Gavin Gomes, General Manager, Sales & Marketing, Parcels & Express, Australia Post


“Attending the iMedia Online Retail Summit for the first time was a fantastic experience. It was great to spend time with like-minded colleagues from the digital and eCommerce space to share stories, learnings, collaborate and come away with some great ideas for innovation and opportunities for our own business.”

Paula Mitchell, Digital & eCommerce Manager, Bendon Group


“The Conference provided amazing insight into what is working to drive performance in the digital economy. Lessons learned and experiences shared made the confernce a “must attend.”

Jason Millett, Global Head of Technology, eCommerce & Transformation, Billabong


“Thank you imedia for exposing me to some of the worlds best e-tailers & suppliers. What an amazing 3 days of learning & networking, that will assist greatly in the growth of our business.”

Kirsty Lambly, Divisional Manager, Calvin Klein Underwear


“As expected, the iMedia Online Retail Summit did not disappoint. With excellent speakers including Mark Sebba from Net-A-Porter and Ross McDonald from Google the content was both relevant and timely.”

Jenny Hardman Manager, Digital Communications, Canon


“Well run event with amazing attendance by all the decision makers from major retailers and online shops.”

Gabby Leibovich, Director, Catchoftheday.com.au


“This was an excellent event to meet partners/customers/prospects and to learn about industry trends and opportunities in the online space!”

Mark A. Gray, Managing Director, ChannelAdvisor


“A really broud mix of like-minded people; the key people who are part of this industry.”

Julie Mathers, National Sales & Marketing Manager, Coles


“Still the best on the circuit IMO, the quality of the attendees is refreshing. To know you are talking to people that get it makes all the difference to the final outcome.”

Chris Garner, Strategy Director, dgm


“As always the stand out event on the calendar. The quality of speakers, both local and international, and networkers is always the best of any event we attend each year. We have been supporting iMedia since the events came into the market and as long as they continue to reach the exceptional standards they achieve each year, we will continue to do so. The guys even manage to ensure the sun shines!!!”

John Matthews, General Manager, dgm


“Networking and meeting retailers. Staying ahead of the trends. It’s been a really successful event.”

Carolyn Breeze, Head of Sales, eBay


“Finally an event that dives not only into the strategy of selling online but also talks about the soecifics of selling on a day-to-day basis.”

Katherine Mamontoff, Corporate E-Commerce Manager, Estee Lauder


“The iMedia Online Retail conference is a must for any organisation seriously looking to grow their businesses online, being a multi-channel retailer or pureplay such as ourselves. The networking opportunities are priceless & you come away with inspirations/ideas you can immediately implement in your Online Retail business. A++ rating from everme.com .”

Guy Hall, Online Director, EverMe


“Excellent networking event with existing and potentially new suppliers and vendors in a great location, this is one of the best Australian events to attend and can’t be missed! The iMedia Summit was a fantastic event where industry professionals got to network and listen to some interesting talks on how companies are moving into the online space.”

Garry Hamilton-Smith, Ecommerce Manager, Gazal Apparel


“Networking and the opportunity to talk to people is so clearly part of program and I think that’s great, so you acutally have the time to talk to people and understand their challenges.”

Ross McDonald Industry Leader, Local & Retail, Google


“Excellent networking with a mix of inspirational and educational speakers.”

Blake Thomas, Natinal Business Manager, Johnson & Johnson


“A great opportunity to have good in-depth conversations with both retailers and vendors. These piers are currently having the same opportunities and that I face and what better way to discuss this than with one on one in a relaxing environment. Far better than a trade show in a booth where the discussion is more a sales pitch.”

Lyle Hudson, Group Operating Office, M Webster Holdings


“The best event in Australia for online retail speakers and networking opportunities.”

Chris Maloney, Digital Marketing Director, McWilliam’s Wines Group


“Excellent networking event showcasing a great range of speakers from all facets of the eCommerce landscape.”

Ben Hoban, Digital Communications Manager, Nestle Health Science


“One of the things I’ve really enjoyed particularly here is the relaxed informal atmosphere and the ability to be able to meet people afterwards and talk about their particular problems.”

Mark Sebba, CEO, Net-A-Porter.com


“The summit was both educational & inspirational and the networking opportunities were excellent !….I am looking forward to next year’s event!”

Peter Ratcliffe, Head Of Digital, Retail Apparel Group


“The three days at iMedia were a great way to kick start some thoughts into actions. As everyone is very experienced and focused on online retail you are able to get into details which are overlooked at large conferences. iMedia was able to meet some great people and access information which I wouldn’t have normally been able to get hold of. As a result, it is one of the few conferences where I have been able to return to the office and immediately implement some of the themes spoken about.”

Nathan Bush, Group Digital Manager, Super Retail Group


“A great mix of inspiring content and actionable takeaways for my team. The networking was the best we’ve had at any conference to date.”

Mike WIlson, Founder & Director, Tinyme


“The Online Retail Summit was one of the most interactive, focused events I have ever attended. The opportunity to communicate with decision makers face-to-face created an environment where issues and possible solutions was beneficial to both parties.”

Michel Holland, Sales and Marketing Manager, TORO Commerce


“The real motivation to attend the summit was looking at the breadth and range of not only the delegates but the other retailers attending.”

Beth Glancey, Marketing Manager, Online & E-Commerce, Toys R Us


“Great event, even better than last years!”

Gavin Merriman, Head of eCommerce, Universal Music Australia


“A thoroughly enjoyable event with a good mix of retailers and service providers.”

Steven Perissinotto, CMO, Vet Shop Australia


“Great opportunity to network and get an industry update with high caliblre of presenters and delagates.”

Justin Roche, Director eCommerce, VISA


“We found this event very useful in generating business leads which we believe will generate sizable revenue for us in the next 3 to 6 months. We believe this will crunch the time required for us to ‘go to market’.”

Gourav Chindlur, Cofounder and COO, Vizury


“The summit provides a great insight to best practices and leading technologies for online marketing.”

David Galt, Marketing Manager, Webjet


“A good value conference with some great ecommerce presentations.”

Dean Gingell, General Manager, Digital Business, Westfield


“iMedia Online Retail Summit was a great networking opportunity and focussed my thinking on the importance in “selling to the customer when they want to buy something, not when we are ready to sell”

Georgia Trevarthen, Marketing & PR Manager, Witchery


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