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Presentations from ad:tech Australia 2014


Over 1,200 people attended ad:tech Australia 2014:

We had speakers talking about everything from Google Glass and the future of data, to new approaches to content marketing, omni-channel strategy and soooo much more. So for those of you who missed the biggest media & marketing event of the year, here are a few of the one-page handouts that our speakers kindly prepared for the audience so they’d have actionable insight to take back into their businesses…

  1. The Death Of Digital: The Media Landscape in 2014
    2014 Digital Trends Australia
  2. Real World Tactics for Increasing Sales and Building Customer Loyalty
    AdRoll Case Study – Clinique
  3. Finding Your APIs, Owning your APIs, & Using Your APIs to Grow Your Business
    APIs Handout
  4. How The Worlds Most Enduring Brand Bonds With Its People
    APIs Handout Adtech 2014 ONE PAGE HANDOUT – Ray Bull V2
  5. Tomorrow’s Technology Today: Google Glass, iBeacons and smart watches
    b2cloud adtech handout
  6. Where Criminology Meets Commerce; DIY Big Data Analytics in real time.
    Criminology Handout
  7. The prospects for “Total Connectivity” and the reality of “The Internet of Things”
    Stockland and Isobar
  8. The Future of Online Advertising is All About Relevance
    Marin Enterprise – General Overview
  9. McDonalds Track My Macca’s – Using Digital as a Strategic Platform for Generating an Emotional Connection
    McDonalds Track My Maccas
  10. Mobile as ‘Best Supporting Actor’
    Mobile as ‘Best Supporting Actor’ Handout
  11. How do Brands Make The Most of Their Agency Partnerships?
    Optimising Your Agency Partnerships handout
  12. Transmedia Storytelling – Creating multimedia advertising that is greater than the sum of its parts
  13. The Death of Platform – The Birth of Brand
    SBS Handout
  14. How Digital is Transforming one of Australia’s Largest Retailers
    Stockland and Isobar
  15. The Remote Control Tourist – A World-first Technology Solution to Melbourne’s Biggest Marketing Challenge
    Tourism VIC Remote Control Tourist Handout
  16. Lessons in Branded Content to Deliver Beauty for All: The L’Oreal Experience
    LOreal Case Study
  17. Making Physical – Digital Campaigns Work in the Real World

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