Daniel Nelson

PayPal Braintree Head of Enterprise Development


Daniel Nelson is an engineer, mobile commerce champion, and big data expert heading up PayPal’s Braintree Enterprise Business in Australia. Throughout his career Daniel has helped some of Australia’s most recognised brands advance their approach to commerce in an increasingly innovative market.

Braintree is disrupting the global payments industry by delivering sophisticated payment tools that enable next generation purchasing experiences. In particular frictionless mobile first experiences that surprise and delight customers. The potential of these capabilities can be seen at: Uber, Dropbox, LivingSocial, Airbnb, OpenTable and Fab.com.

From a foundation of an Engineering Computer Science degree, Daniel got his start as a Software Engineer then was quickly drawn towards commerce and the convergence of technology and user experience. Daniel’s role as Head of Braintree Enterprise is to partner with industry leaders to enable next generation customer experiences though payments leadership & innovation.


Speaking at :

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