Steve Pardue

Vice President, Asia Pacific Japan


Steve is an early online pioneer, beginning before the internet became the vibrant digital world we know today. His early years were spent creating online real-time shared payment networks for financial institutions in the deployment of Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and merchant Point of Sale (POS) devices. Those early years were challenging as the ubiquitous internet “dial-tone” did not exist. This was a time before financial institutions, merchants and consumers understood the revolutionary shift in consumer behavior that was just beginning. Today, we all take for granted the convenience of using our debit and credit cards whenever and wherever we visit an ATM, shop at our favorite retailer or make our purchases online.

In his current position, Steve is responsible for the development and implementation of Tealium’s Asia Pacific Japan market strategy as Vice President & Managing Director, Asia Pacific Japan. He has over thirty years of experience in systems, product and market development of SaaS / Cloud based B2B and B2C online services.

Prior to joining Tealium, Steve served as Senior Vice President, Financial Services at WebSideStory, the pioneer in real-time web analytics, where he was responsible for the development and implementation of WebSideStory’s financial services vertical market strategy, while also responsible for the development of the Asia Pacific Japan market.

Before WebSideStory, Steve served in a number of senior management positions with S1 Corp, a pioneer in the development of Internet banking and enterprise Internet-based financial services solutions, and Visa International where he co-invented, patented and developed the international market for Visa ePay, the first online real-time zero payment risk bill payment and presentment system of its kind.